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Pro-Guardian Breakdown Prevention
Pro-Guardian™ is an investment in your productivity. Because finding leaks and failing components before they cause major problems helps prevent expensive downtime and repairs later. Just add Pro-Guardian to your current service, or use it as a convenient checkup at least twice a year.

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Avoid costly progressive damage by correcting problems early. Save time and money with the protection of Pro-Guardian.

Major Components

Brakes: Worn-out brake drums will cause brake shoes to fail prematurely along with slack adjusters and camshafts.

Engine: Checking belts and hoses and detecting leaks can prevent engine failure.

Suspension/Steering: Routine inspection of steering and suspension components will prevent progressive component damage.

Driveline: Inspecting U-joints, yokes and carrier bearings for wear can prevent driveline vibrations that will damage transmission and differential bearings and seals.

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